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What are the differences between patterned aluminum plates
Views :    Update time : 2023-01-02

First of all, the production process of patterned aluminum plates is not simple. First, it is not very simple to make regular patterns on aluminum plates, which means that there is one more process in the processing process, which not only increases the investment in machinery and equipment, but also consumes more manpower and cost. Significant increase; Second, the pattern formed on the surface not only plays a decorative and beautifying role, but also assumes the anti-skid effect under special use environments, like the clearer the texture, the anti-skid and grip ability of the tire The stronger the same.

Secondly, there are many types of patterned aluminum plates that can be used in different industries. First, ordinary aluminum alloy plates are processed from ordinary 1060 aluminum plates as raw materials. The production and processing costs are relatively low, and they are suitable for cold and vehicle floors under general conditions. Second, aluminum-manganese alloy plates are made of aluminum-manganese. Alloy 3003 is processed as the main raw material. It has certain strength and impact resistance, and has certain anti-rust and anti-corrosion capabilities. It is mainly used in train carriages. Third, aluminum-magnesium alloy plates are made of 5052 or higher. It is made of high-grade aluminum material, which has high strength and hardness, and is very resistant to rust and corrosion. It can be used in ships and even aerospace industries.

Finally, the patterned aluminum plate is also a kind of metal material, and it also needs to be maintained by scientific methods in the daily use process. First, clean regularly. Use clean water or a corresponding stain remover to clean the stains on the surface. The remaining stains can easily cause corrosion and deformation of the board; second, use a professional spray agent to coat the surface of the board. On the one hand, It can form an extra barrier for the patterned aluminum plate to effectively prevent corrosion. On the other hand, it can beautify the decoration and help it better integrate into the use environment.

With the increasing demand for aluminum sheets from all walks of life, the sheet itself is constantly undergoing technological innovation. The patterned aluminum sheet is the product of this innovation. Its appearance makes traditional aluminum sheets and other sheets gradually fade out of the market. Because it has many excellent features. However, corrosion and abrasion will happen to everything in the process of use, and maintenance needs to be strengthened to extend the service life.